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Welcome to Live Well Ecuador      
Ecuador is an amazing travel destination.  It is a unique blend of Spanish Colonial and Indigenous heritage.  Since Independence Ecuador has avoided the violent civil strife that has affected many Latin American countries.  It may be this history that makes the Ecuadorian people unique. 
The Incas moved into Ecuador less than 100 years prior to the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores, so identifiable pre-Inca culture and languages still exist within Ecuador.  A prime example are the Otavalanos, the most successful indigenous group in the Americas.  They have adapted to the Western world as successful global business people, but have maintained their traditional culture, dress and language. 
The Spanish Catholicism of the colonial period evolved into a progressive cultural force in Ecuador after independence.  Under this influence Ecuador advanced rapidly in educational and cultural institutions as well as architecture and infrastructure during the early republican period.
The geography of Ecuador is simply incredible, from the snow capped volcanic peaks of the Andes, west to magnificent Pacific beaches, or east into the Amazon rain forest.  There are a variety of micro-climates based upon elevation and rainfall.  And don't forget the Galapagos - the Enchanted Islands.
But most of all, the people of Ecuador are special - and very friendly toward visitors.
Our Goal at Live Well Ecuador is to help you enjoy and, we hope, come to love this wonderful country.  We would like for you to think of it as a place to visit again and again, and perhaps as a place for a second home or for retirement.
We accomplish this by working with you to create a travel experience to meet your wishes.  If you are on a limited budget we can help you put together a real adventure for a reasonable price.  If you have something more luxurious in mind we will help you create and wonderful, unforgettable vacation travel experience.  We have fixed price packages - but we also specialize in creating custom itineraries.
We have an on-line publication, The Ecuador Chronicles., that is released weekly.  If you would like to receive this, please reply as such from the "Contact Info page".
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