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Ray Almand traveled extensively as a student and for several years after University.  He saw much of the world, but especially enjoyed Latin America.  He spent time traveling all over Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands - he realized this was a special place; it was always in mind as the most memorable travel experience.
Ray's degree was in Geography, but his career has been in business.  He has spent more than 30 years in the financial industry, both in management and as an IT project manager.  A few years ago Ray and his wife Dalynda decided it was time to have a second home / retirement home in Latin America.  They researched several countries, but they settled on Ecuador.  They purchased and renovated a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in the Colonial area of Quito.  Ray and Dalynda spend time in both Quito and at their home in the Atlanta area. 
Ray's real estate contact in Quito was Mathieu Guillory.  As members of the expat community in Colonial Quito they became friends, and they have joined forces to launch Live Well Ecuador.
Mathieu Charles Guillory, a New Orleans native, had a successful career in finance and real estate in the United States.  But financial success did not equal to happiness for Matt - something was missing.  He finally decided to pursue an expat lifestyle.  He traveled to Spain and several Latin American countries searching for a place to build a new life.  When he arrived in Ecuador he soon realized it was a special place.
Matt met his future wife Amparo soon after arriving in Quito.  They married and began to build up a real estate business.  They have three beautiful children and live in a beautiful home they restored in the Colonial area.
Matt's most recent venture is a finca (farm) in the countryside about two hours from Quito.  He is working to diversify crop production to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, sugar cane and coffee.  Eventually he will add cabañas so that visitors can spend time at a working Ecuadorian Finca. 
Matt at the Finca