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Ecuador Chronicles
Destinations and Activities                   
This is just a brief flavor - we will work with you to create your own travel experience
As you can see - Ecuador packs a lot into a small Counrty
People who like Costa Rica Love Ecuador; Ecuador is like Costa Rica on Steroids


  • On the equator - elevation of 9,200 feet
  • Spring like climate the year round
  • A warm blanket feels good at night 
  • Temperature warms up nicely during the Day
  • A great walking city
  • Teleferico to top of mount Pichinca
  • Parque Ejido Artists Market - Saturday's and Sunday's
  • Take a City tour
  • Enjoy small cafes and world class restaurants 
  • Buy a dozen roses for $1
  • New Town
    • Modern office buildings, apartments
    • Mariscal Sucre - restaurants and hotels district
    • Parque La Carolina
    • Santa Clara Straw / Bamboo Market
    • Museo Guayasamin, Capilla Del Hombre
  • Old Town
    • Cobblestone streets
    • Colonial and early Republican archetecture.
    • Visit churches, muesems and historic sites
    • Plazas: Grande, San Francisco, Santo Domingo
    • La Ronda - Shopping, Restaurants, Live Music
    • Vista Hermosa Restaurant - fantastic Views


Images of Quito







  Amazon - Oriente

  • Incredible Biodiversity
  • From the cool Andean foothills to sweltering lowlands
  • Stay in a jungle lodge
  • River rafting
  • Explore the Rain Forest
  • Visit a butterfly farm
  • Waterfalls and caves

Images of the Oriente







Galápagos Islands

  • 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador
  • Cruise the ialands
  • Darwin's Research - Theory of Evolution
  • Penguins, Giant Tortoise, Igunas - Marine & Land
  • Boobies, Flightless Cormorant, Albatross
  • Sea Lions, Whales, Dolphins
  • Incredible Landscspes, Seascapes

Images of the Galapágos









Northern Sierra - Can be day trip from Quito



  • Market town since pre-Inca times
  • Large Saturday Crafts Market; but operates every day
  • Blankets, Ponchos Sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats
  • Embroidery, hammocks, jewelry, paintings 

                                  Otavalo Market



  • Famous for Leatherwork
  • Shops on Calle 10 de Augusto

San Antonio

  • Famous for woodcarving

Midad del Mundo

  • The famous Equator monument
  • Museums and planetarium

Laguna de San Pablo

  • Peaceful lake setting in Otavalo area
  • Several hotel and hacienda options

        Laguna San Pablo         Mitad del Mundo         







Southern Sierra


Cotopaxi - Can be day trip from Quito

  • Most popular national park
  • Hiking, bike riding - amazing scenery
  • Visit the snow line, including glacier and ice caves



Laguna Quilota - Can be day trip from Quito

  • Experience the rural village life of the Andean Indians
  • Indigeneous Markets
  • Kayaking

                               Laguna Quilota



  • Soak in the healthful thermal springs
  • Gateway to the Amazon jungle
  • Downhill mountain biking
  • Rafting on Rio Patate

            Baños Basilica                       Baños - Thermal Pool



  • Beautiful, traditional city
  • Mountain biking
  • World famous train ride - Nariz del Daiblo (Devil's Nose)
  • Chimborazo Volcano - highest mountain in Ecuador

        Riobamba Street                           Nariz del Diablo



  • Beautiful Colonial City
  • Plazas, parks, domed churches
  • Try the Eucalyptus Cafe - Ex-pat hang out

Cuenca Bridge



  • Thriving music scene - Salsa & other venues
  • Public artworks:  murals, frescos and statuary

       Loja City Gate                         Loja San Francisco Church



 Pacific Coast - North to South

  • Miles and miles of unspoiled beaches
  • Esmeraldas - Center of Afro-ecuadorian culture
  • Atacames - favorite resort of Ecuadorians
  • Canoa - Fishing village to surfing Mecca
  • Bahia de Caraquez - Eco-City on a penesula
  • Manata - Major airport, boom town, port fishing industry
  • Puerto Lopez - Quiet fishing village, whale watching
  • Montanita - Surfers paradise, A Bamboo Village
  • Salinas - Little Miami

    Images of the Pacific Coast