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Live Well Ecuador - Background            

We have been operating successfully in Ecuador for eight years.  Our original business was real estate in Colonial Quito; we continue to help clients locate appropriate properties for vacation homes, retirement, or purely for investment.
Vacation apartment rental was a logical progression from our real estate business.  Our real estate clients wanted their properties to generate income when they were not using them.  We began to offer additional services requested by vacationers renting apartments on an ad hoc basis.  These included tours of Quito, day trips to popular destinations such as Otavalo and Mitad del Mundo, and Spanish lessons.  We began to make arrangements for more extensive travel around Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands.
                                                                                          Roses - $1 a Dozen at the Quito City Market
Live Well Ecuador takes this to the next level.  You can review the destinations and activities described at this website to help you determine your interests.  We will work with you via email and telephone to develop a suitable itinerary and provide you with a price.  If you wish to do something not described here we will work with you.  Think of us as expert consultants with local knowledge working with you to create your own travel experience - you are in charge.  And you are not getting up at 7:00 AM every morning, packing your bags to jump onto a bus with 30 other travel weary tourists.
We have fixed price package tours listed under the Sample Tours page - you may want to simply select one of these.
We would also like to show you real estate opportunities in Ecuador.  We hope that as you get to know this great country at your own pace you will come to love it.  When it comes to real estate we enjoy working with people who have already developed an affinity for Ecuador and its people 
Horseman above the Clouds     
 Colonial Quito                                       Otavalo Market